Fitness Equipment Designed Around You.

MUTT manufactures cast iron equipment that maximizes functionality and performance through unique designs.

Training has evolved.

Our mission is to challenge traditional approaches to working out by re-thinking the tools that keep our bodies fit.

From completely innovative equipment designs to fresh perspectives on classic gym hardware, MUTT pushes the boundaries of fitness training.

Hammer Curl with 44lb MUTT Bar - MUTT Made in USA
Hammer Curl Ending Position.

Elegance in simplicity.

This belief inspires our product design and separates us from the competition.

MUTT Bar Full Set Rack - MUTT Made in USA

Cast Iron Fitness Equipment

All MUTT equipment is made from American cast iron. Purchasing MUTT equipment supports the United States' foundry industry.

All products are powder-coated to protect your MUTT equipment and provide a smooth grip.

Made in USA

All MUTT products are 100% made in the USA. By designing, casting, powder coating, and packaging our products in America, we keep your hard-earned dollars right here in the States.

100% Made in the USA