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MUTT Kettlebells

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MUTT Kettlebells, available in six weight increments, are cast with easy to read LB/KG weight indications and powder coated for a smooth finish.

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MUTT Kettlebells are the perfect addition to your home gym equipment lineup, offering a versatile, durable, and American-made fitness solution. Available in six weight increments, these kettlebells are cast with easy-to-read LB/KG weight indications and powder coated for a smooth finish, ensuring longevity and performance.

The grip handle and horns of MUTT Kettlebells are meticulously designed to accommodate various hand sizes, making them an ideal choice for athletes of all levels. With their unique design and outstanding quality, MUTT Kettlebells stand out from the competition and bring even more training possibilities to your fitness regimen.

Whether you’re looking to improve your weightlifting routine, enhance your strength training, or incorporate new exercises into your workout, MUTT Kettlebells are the best choice for a high-quality, versatile, and reliable fitness tool.


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