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Forearm Exercises

Reverse Curl

Forearms, biceps

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the MUTT Bar’s overhand EZ bar grip. Lift the bar up to your chest, bending your elbows as you lift. Lower the Bar back to the starting position. Switch to an underhand grip to work the biceps even more (see EZ Curl).

Wrist Curl (Flexion and Extension)


Sit on a stable chair or bench with your feet planted on the ground. Bend your chest down slightly so you can rest your elbows and forearms on your quadriceps. holding the MUTT Bar’s underhand EZ bar grip, let your wrists hang down. Lift the bar by curling your wrists up, then lower back down to the starting position. This exercise can also be done using the overhand EZ bar grip.

Upright Rows with 44lb MUTT Bar - MUTT Made in USA

Overhand EZ Grip position for Reverse Curl exercise.