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The MUTT Bar is a single-piece cast iron exercise bar that incorporates overhand, underhand, hammer, and straight grips. No clamps, plates, or additional accessories required.

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The MUTT Bar is the best home gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their workout routine. This single-piece cast iron exercise bar incorporates overhand, underhand, hammer, and straight grips, making it an ideal choice for those who want to build their at-home gym without the need for excessive equipment. No clamps, plates, or additional accessories are required with this innovative bar.

The MUTT Bar was designed with ergonomics in mind. Working out can be hard on joints and excessive weight can result in joint pain for many people. We constructed the MUTT Bar, and the rest of our lineup, to work with your body in a way that will significantly reduce joint pain when compared to other pieces of traditional equipment.

Perform a variety of forearm exercises, including concentration curls, with the MUTT Bar’s versatile grip options. This unique exercise bar is perfect for a comprehensive forearm workout, targeting different muscle groups that traditional bars may not reach. The MUTT Bar is designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and durability you can trust.

Made with weightlifting enthusiasts in mind, the MUTT Bar is a must-have piece of equipment for any home gym. Offering the ability to perform multiple exercise movements, it eliminates the need for separate dumbbells and weights, making your workout space more organized and efficient. Experience the difference with the MUTT Bar and discover a new level of versatility in your fitness journey.

3 reviews for Mutt Bar

  1. Michael Wilson

    I bought the 55 lbs mutt bar from Rogue, couple years ago. I love it I’m gonna buy the whole set.

  2. Myles K.

    The MUTT Bar is exactly what I needed. As a beginner in weightlifting, this bar allows me to do all of the workouts I need without investing in a full set of equipment.

  3. TM

    I prefer the Mutt Bar over traditional bars – my workouts have improved since adding to my routine. Highly recommend.

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